B&B located in the city center of Quebec

Whether you stay in Old Quebec for business or pleasure, B&B St. Louis opens wide its doors for one or more nights. Located inside the walls of Old Quebec and a few steps from the Château Frontenac, B & B Saint-Louis is a favorite spot to visit the charms of Old Quebec.

In a few steps, you will enjoy the main attractions of the Old Capital : Château Frontenac, Terrasse Dufferin, Museum of Civilization, Museum of French America, St. Louis Gates, Citadel and Battlefields, the greatest wonders of Old Quebec are within walking. Quebec, alone fortified city north of Mexico, offers spectacular scenery, punctuated by cannon, murderous and its walls 4,6 km de long.

Many government buildings and the convention center are also located close to the B&B Saint-Louis.

Each of your awakening will be decorated our breakfasts house, included in our rates and composed of a variety of pancakes and their accompaniments. Au B & B Saint-Louis, we strive to make your stay memorable!

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